​​​Capstone Electronics, LLC

Question:  Is it worth fixing?  I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been asked this over the years.  The answer is well, it depends.  Let’s use the example of a vintage Twin Reverb that you have been using for years.  A typical “old age” electronic repair on these usually involves filter capacitor replacement.  This would be about a $120 repair with us.  This should get you back and running again with the sound of an amp that you KNOW and like or you wouldn’t have kept the amp this long in the first place.  Given the price of a “New” version of the same amp you will still come out ahead. 

Pro sound gear such as mixers and power amplifiers are worth fixing 99% of the time.  Unless the unit has actually caught on fire inside the case (Yes, I have seen it!), repairing the piece is the way to go. 

Now, if you have a 10 watt amplifier that came with an electric guitar for $150, then it will probably not be feasible to repair it.

Question:  I am not local to you.  Can I ship my unit in for a repair?  Absolutely!!  Please contact me via email first so that I email you back a sheet to fill out and include with the item to be repaired.  Please package your unit securely to avoid any damage on its way.  If you send me the unit insured, I will ship it back insured for the same amount.  I will add a return shipping cost into the repair estimate. 

If any damage is noted when the item is received here, I will contact you before conducting any estimates or repairs.

Question:  Do you repair car sound electronics?  We are currently setup to repair power amplifiers for cars.  In the future we may add the capability to repair the head units.

Question:  Can you repair large screen LCD or LED monitors?  Currently we do not do this since it requires a large amount of storage and bench space for the units.