Akai 1800 SS Reel to Reel.  This is the sister component to the Sansui QRX-4500.  For it's age this unit is is in remarkable condition.  Appears all that is needed is a good cleaning and lube.

Marshall JVM 210 Head.

Fender Expo PA System.  Complaints of REALLY bad sound (yep...it did sound bad) after the speaker column fell over.  If you have one of these, treat the column with care.  Lay it flat to avoid any sharp impacts or falls.  It was amazing how little adhesive was holding the magnets on.

​​​Capstone Electronics, LLC

Yamaha MG32.  In for some TLC and some new Gain Trim Pots.

Sansui QRX-4500 Quad Sound Receiver.  Works, but needs some TLC after being stored for many years.  Looks like I have a lot of capacitors to replace.  More pics to come as work progresses.  Click on thumbnails for larger images.