​​​Capstone Electronics, LLC

Rates:  We don’t believe in using a flat rate fee for our repairs.  Why should you pay a $180 repair fee to replace a part that can be replaced for only a couple of dollars?  There is only one person that this practice benefits…and it is not you. 

We use a reasonable bench fee and our years of experience to save you money.

Nominal Bench Rate:  $65*

​Check out/Estimate:  $25

*There are times when a repair is extremely labor intensive.  Mid and Large format mixers and keyboards will have their labor rates evaluated on a case by case basis.  No repair will be started on these items without getting prior approval of the labor rate by the customer.  Items brought in for "Restoration" will also be evaluated on a case by case basis due to the sometimes extensive disassembly and rework required to bring them back to working order.


(The $25 check out charge will be applied toward repair bench charge if unit is repaired.)

Warranty:  Our warranty policy is 90 days on any parts installed and 1 year on labor.

Payment Terms:  Cash, Check, Credit Card

Note: Full Payment is required when picking up item.